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Since its inception in 1980, Jemai Worldwide Co., Ltd. (formerly Je-Mai Co.,
Ltd.) has strived to develop premium quality Trophy & Award products. We,
as a professional supplier as well as an ARA member, aim to offer the most
innovative designs, unparalleled quality, on-time delivery, and superior service
to our customers -- at the most reasonable, yet competitive prices.


With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China,
we have served the global “award and recognition
products” market for 30 years. Our capacity has
enriched our production line with a full range of
Trophies, Awards, and related products, enabling
us to meet all of our customers’ demands by
fulfilling their orders in the busiest seasons.


Jemai prides itself on having the strongest design team to materialize the
customers’ tentative ideas into numerous substantial products. With our
assistance during development, we have successfully helped some of our


clients win “Best New Product” in annual Las Vegas trade
shows for successive years. Being a top-notch supplier,
Jemai has built its reputation on the success of its clients
in Europe, North and Latin America, Australia, as well as


As a leading supplier in this industry,
Jemai will continue with its unrelenting
quest of providing unique and elegantly
styled awards to lead a new trend in the
global market.


Product Range:
Marble base, Wooden base, wooden plaque, medal, medallion holder, pin
badge, neck ribbon, ribbon drape, medal box, plastic part (plastic figure,
plastic stem, riser, plastic base, plastic cup), Hardware (threaded rod, ferrule,
coupling, check ring, nut, washer, cap nut, keychain), resin products (resin
sculpture, resin base, resin figure.), tiara, scepter, glass item, ceramic mug &
Acrylic item.


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